With all the options for women’s shoes, which are the ones that are more commonly sold? Which style, color or design do women usually splurge on because they can not resist it? Here is the list of the top 10 women’s shoes that always have escalating sales regardless of season, year or trend.

10 Ballet Flats

It is the comfort of the ballet flat that makes them endearing for the ladies. Aside from that, there is no fuss in putting them on since all it takes is slipping their feet inside the shoes and they are good to go.

Since the design is closely related to what ballerinas actually wear, this design definitely exudes femininity. It goes well with informal wear like jeans and shorts but can also work for dresses and slacks.

9 Sandals

No woman could live without sandals. This may not be perfect for colder months but on more casual days like weekends with the family or an afternoon of running errands, sandals are definitely the best pick. Strappy sandals which bare more skin are the more fashionable option for women. Usually, the ladies also opt for the flat ones but some prefer sandals with at least half an inch up to two inches of heels.

8 Nude Peep-Toe

Nude peep-toe shoes are a smart option for women because wearing it can give a whole lot of benefits. The nude color makes the legs look slimmer and longer, making this pair of shoes very attractive with a dress or a short skirt. The small hole at the tip also gives a very sexy and sophisticated look. All in all, this is a winning choice regardless of season or occasion.

Nude peep-toe shoes come in high heels and flats. However, the more commonly bought are those with at least two to four inches of heels because they complete a more graceful look and could make the ladies look much taller.

7 Knee-high boots

The sales for knee-high boots sky-rockets especially during the fall and winter months. However, since shoe manufacturers are being a little more experimental with the design and cut of the knee-high boots, these can also be worn any time of the year. The leather ones look more traditional and classy but these days, the options for this type of shoe is just endless so women can easily find one that matches their mood and personality.

6 Versatile Stilettos

Women have worn stilettos for decades and even if there is a major revolution with fashion trends, this type of shoe will always be among the most commonly bought in the women’s shoe department. Ladies can opt for the strappy stilettos or they can go for the ones with more covering like pumps.

5 Wedges and Platforms

Wedges and platforms are not just for the women but could also look amazing on young ladies. This type of shoe allows women to look very feminine without the need to endure the throbbing pain that high heels could bring. Women could go for as high as five inches of heels for platforms and wedges but still run like they are wearing flats. That is why it is no mystery why this is among the best-selling shoe design for the ladies.

4 Ankle-Boots

The ones in neutral colors are a big hit for women too. The neutral makes it easier to mix and match it with different types of clothing, from jeans to skirts, shorts and dresses. This is among the most frequently bought type of shoe for women because it is comfortable during warmer months like spring and summer but can also be great during fall and winter.

3 Bold, High Heels

It does not matter what decade it is, high heels with about four to five inches are part of women’s lists of must-haves. What defines the perfect heels? It should be smoothly structured like the trumpet heels so it can be worn with any type of dress, cotton pants or any other wardrobe. Among the different types of shoes with tapered heels, the ones which come in feisty-looking, strappy designs are the most popular because of the extra allure it gives.

Though women usually feel that they always have to look meek and feminine, there are days which calls for a more laid-back and comfortable look. Good thing is that there are lace-up sneakers which will complete the dress-down appearance without making them look too boyish.

Sneakers with tailored edges and graceful laces are a big hit for women because this saves their toes from the twinge from leather and heels but still maintains their graceful look.

Plain black and white ones are the more popular choices since this goes well with almost all colors of jeans, shorts and tops though women are becoming a little more experimental with their choice of color. Hence, sales for blues, pinks and other more vibrant colors go up.

1 Classic Black Pumps

A woman’s wardrobe would never be complete unless she has those perfectly-fitted and sexy black pumps. This is a must-have for the ladies because of its versatility. During the day, it goes perfectly with the uptight wardrobe for the office. At night, it still goes perfectly with a more casual outfit for a night of partying. Best of all, this pair of shoes can complete any ensemble, whether it is a long gown that is red carpet worthy or a rugged, washed-out pair of jeans and curve-hugging white shirt.

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